Dear Fellow Man,

Are you fed up with being in a sexless marriage?

Have you had enough of your wife having little to no interest in sex?

Are you through with her laying there acting as if she's bored out of her mind while she does you a "favor" by letting you have sex with her?

Are you tired of being accused of being a "pervert" for wanting sex within your marriage?

Are you to the point that if you hear "all you think about is sex" one more time, you're going to blow a gasket?

Have you had it with laying in bed in a rage because she rejected your advances again and it's been weeks or even months since she said last "agreed" to "make love" (and even then, she didn't really even say "Yes!" -- she just permitted it)?

Has your marriage deteriorated to the point that if your wife was to actually initiate sex, you'd pass out from the shock of it?

Is it the understatement of the century to say that your marriage is "unfulfilling" and that you and/or your wife are not happy in your marriage?

What about YOUR feelings?  Have you noticed any of the following?

  • You just want out of the marriage but there are children involved.
  • You are so sick and tired of doing without sex that you are about ready to go find someone else -- to go have an affair -- to cheat on your wife -- no matter what the consequences are.
  • You want your marriage to work but it's almost unbearable as it is.
  • You have so much frustration that you sometimes feel like you're about to explode.

And do you find it especially frustrating in that you know the potential is in your woman because:

  1. The sexual passion was there at the beginning of your marriage -- or, maybe it was before the marriage -- the sex was great... and now it's horrible. 

  2. On the rare occasion that your woman "let's her hair down", she turns into a "sexual tigress"... and then she goes back to being non-sexual for weeks, months or in some cases, even years.

Do you feel what I'm talking about?  Can you relate to anything I've said thus far?

If so, then let me ask you a few solution-oriented questions...

  • Would you be interested in becoming a “Wife-Charmer” who knows how to allure and seduce your wife into having sex with you anytime you want to?
  • Would you be interested in discovering the secret code that opens up your wife’s sex-vault?
  • Would you be interested in finding out the method that takes the quantity and quality of sex you enjoy through the roof?
  • Would you be interested in learning the formula that turns your lady on so that she WANTS to give you all the sex you can handle?
  • Would you like for your wife to be the one who initiates sex all the time?

Do you feel even a little bit of hope and excitement as you respond to these questions?  You don't realize it yet, but in the next few minutes, you're going to find out that these marriage and sex-enhancing skills are yours for the taking.

And, just think about the meaning of the phrase, "A happier marriage with a lot more sex."  What does it mean for you?  How could it positively impact all of those different areas of your life that are important to you -- areas that are suffering right now because of the overwhelming unhappiness in your marriage?

You're invited to explore further and see if this opens up your mind to possibilities that you might not have thought of for a very long time...

A Little Background First...

At age 21, I entered into a marvelous marriage.  Five short years later, that marriage ended in a spectacular failure.  I can assure you however, the sex ended long before the marriage ended.

(That's why, if you were able to feel strong emotion in the questions I asked you at the start, it's because I can still remember it as if it were yesterday -- even though its been years since I was in that situation.) 

A few years later, I started out again in a second marvelous marriage.  And, as you might expect, within a couple of years, it was on the rocks too.

But then, a chance conversation changed the course of my life...

Late one sunny afternoon, I found myself talking with a rather strange and unusual woman who said something that let me sense the excitement of having a happy and sexually-fulfilling marriage.

Here's the exact phrase that sparked this excitement; "You are responsible for the results you are getting in your marriage."

Now, you and I both know "it takes two to tango" but at that moment I fully recognized that if I could just learn certain things and do them in a certain way, I would have a high-probability of getting the results I wanted – namely, a happy marriage with lots of sex.

As I walked away from that conversation, I purposed in myself, "I am determined to have a happy, sex-filled marriage".  I'm not sure, but can it be that this same determination is forming within you and that's why you're reading this? 

Well, with my newfound purpose, I set out to find an answer to the question of,

"How do you have a great marriage with all the sex you want?"

Let me tell you what I did...

I bought, begged, and borrowed every book on marriage and relationships that I could find.  I asked men and women every where what they wanted and needed to make their marriage and sex-life the fulfilling union that it was meant to be.  I searched the internet over trying to find the secrets.

The odd thing was, everything I learned from all of these different sources was logical, it made sense, AND I COULDN'T GET IT TO WORK!

In fact, in some cases, what I learned was absolutely wrong – and my wife was quick to “show” me that it was wrong – by cutting me off from sex even more!

Now, I'm not saying my wife is a spiteful woman who "cuts me off" whenever I don't do things just right - because that's not the kind of woman she is.

The problem was that I was doing things that turned her sexual motor off at the very core of her being and neither one of us understood how or why.  (You'd think a woman could tell you what's turning her off...but women aren't logical like that...all she knows is that emotionally, she's turned off.)

In other cases, there were slight improvements but certainly nothing that produced the kind of results I wanted.

And what about you?  Have you had similar experiences where you wanted to improve your marriage and your sex-life but couldn't get the "textbook advice" to work for you either?

I Finally Found The Answer...

Well, I kept pursuing an answer to my question and eventually, I found the basis of the answer in some old books I discovered that were written in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  As I read through them, I started to become very excited because I realized they contained timeless truths and principles that I could use to get a happy, sex-filled marriage.

And so, I started putting all the pieces from these old books together…

But this time I took a different approach. Instead of trying things one at a time, I started writing everything down so I could sort it out and organize it into a cohesive whole that made sense before I actually tried it.

After I had what I felt like was an organized, understandable, workable formula that would work to give me a happy marriage and all the sex I wanted, I started applying my little “formula” on my wife…

And WOW! My wife responded with such amazing and positive energy that I was shocked!

In terms that are near and dear to a man’s heart, I went from wanting sex to:

Getting all the sex I wanted!

And just so I don't sound like a self-centered male, my wife got a big win out of my little “formula” too in that she went from an unhappy wife to:

A happy woman madly in love with me!

Here's a question for you: do you know what a happy woman who is madly in love with a man wants?  She wants lots of love-making; that's what she wants.

I'm telling you, from the time I worked out my formula until now, my life has never been the same.  Even to this day, my wife amazes me with the sexual passion that she directs at me virtually every day -- and it's not uncommon for it to be multiple times a day.

But, This Was Bigger Than I First Thought...

As you can easily imagine, I was quite happy with how my marriage had turned around.  For the first time in my life, an ongoing, happy, sex-filled marriage wasn't a mere fantasy -- it was a reality.

And I'm telling you, that is really, really satisfying and fulfilling.  And, it still is.

But, as I look back, it's with a bit of shame that I must confess that at first, I had the attitude of, "Life is good - just rock on!"  I had a good thing going and all I cared about was keeping it that way.

But when you have a hot relationship, people take notice because it's not very often they see a happy, loving, and sexual couple. 

Soon, people were trying to catch my wife or I alone or they would call one of us up -- usually with some embarrassment on their faces or in their voices -- and they would universally ask the same thing...

Please tell me the secret to your happy relationship
because I want a happy and fulfilling relationship like yours.

The net result of these little conversations was that I would print off a copy of my formula for them.  It's what happened after I gave them the printout that jolted me out of my own little happy and satisfied world and caused me to realize that I had a serious obligation on my hands...

Those who applied my formula saw their marriage turn around just like mine had.  Now, let me make sure that you get the full significance of the phrase, "marriage turn around".  It's an easy thing to say but here's what it really meant in many cases...

My formula rescued people who were on the very precipice of divorce and disaster and brought them back to safe ground as a happy and loving family.

And when I saw that - especially when I saw the children who had been spared untold hurt, grief, pain, tears, and who knows what long-term consequences -- I knew my formula was too important to keep just to myself.

Now, if you've related to anything I've said so far, then know that I want to make a difference in your life and in your home -- and I mean that with all sincerity.

It Wasn't My Fault And It's Not Yours Either…

As I look back on my past, I can't really blame myself for not knowing how to create a happy marriage.  There wasn't a single man in my life – from childhood through adulthood – who knew how to create a happy marriage with a lot of sex.  And since they didn’t know how, how could they possibly teach me?  They couldn't!

It's the same with you.  You can't help it if there haven’t been any men in your life who could teach you. 

But that doesn't mean you have to spend the rest of your life in an unfulfilling relationship!

I'm here to tell you, you can have it better.

Now, let's talk about the "sex" side of things...

Your Wife Can’t Help But Give You Sex When You Know…

Women can’t help but open up their sexual faucets onto the man who knows how to turn them on.

The million-dollar question is, "How do you turn them on?"  It's like you're just supposed to some how -- "auto-magically" might we say -- know how to do it.

Actually, let me back up a step.  When I say "turn them on", I'm talking about how to connect with a woman in a certain mental and emotional way that causes an automatic sexual response within her that craves to be fulfilled.

And that raises a really important side-point.  Physical arousal is not at all the same thing as mental and emotional arousal.  Women who have been raped tell us that they experienced physical arousal as their body sought to protect itself.  But in no way does that mean these women enjoyed the experience nor do they wish to repeat it.

In our day and time, men are bombarded with messages like, "All you have to do is know how to find your woman's G-Spot and massage it with one or two fingers in a "come-here" motion and she'll go crazy with sexual desire and will have the orgasm of her life."

Do you see how this kind of advice is oriented towards physical arousal and doesn't even address the mental and emotional side?

Well, here's a fact for you that many men don't seem to understand.  If a woman is sexually "turned off" at the mental and emotional level, not only does it NOT feel good to touch her G-Spot, it actually hurts. 

That's exactly why so many men meet with defeat when they experiment with their wife's G-Spot.  She's sexually turned off and what should be a very pleasurable experience is actually quite unpleasant -- and that in turn shuts her sexual drive down even more.

My point is that the door to wonderful sex swings WIDE OPEN when you know how to sexually turn on your woman -- when you know how to ignite her passions at the mental and emotional level.  And if a man doesn't know how, then the door SLAMS SHUT -- no matter how advanced or sophisticated his knowledge of female anatomy and sexual technique.

Sadly for many men, how to deal with their wife and how to turn her on so that they can enjoy more sex is a jumbled and confusing mystery that they have all but given up on trying to solve.  No matter what they do, their woman resists more and more and the sex becomes less and less frequent.

Am I talking to you?

And, if you change the way you look at things, isn't it exciting to know that when you find out how to connect with your woman in a certain mental and emotional way YOU will be the one who can melt away all that resistance with sexual heat that you're generating within her?

You Can Create A Happy Marriage And Get All The Sex You Want…

Let me now make this very specific and very concrete...

I've taken my formula and put it into an eBook titled, How To Turn Your Wife Into A Nymphomaniac”.

At first glance, that might seem like an outlandish title.  But, consider this.  At one point, your wife was more sexual than she is now.  Guess what, she can become sexual again as soon as you find out how to release the desire within her to be sexual again.

Hey!  Did you catch what I just said?  Your woman can become sexual again as soon as you find out how to release the desire within her to be sexual again.

Inside the pages of this eBook, you'll find out how to release desire within her.  You'll get the answers to the dual-questions of “How do I create a happy marriage?” and “How do I get more sex?”.  Along the way, you'll find out things like:

  • What it is that your wife is waiting for you to do so that she can give you incredible sex (You don't want to miss this one!)

  • The secrets used by every playboy and womanizer that you can use "the right way" on your wife to get sex (You won't believe it until you've tried it.)

  • Do this one thing during the day, and you will get sex at bed time (This tip is amazing!)

  • Do this one technique and you can virtually guarantee that your wife is going to pull her panties down for you in the next few hours (I can't wait till you try this one!)

  • How to turn her emotional over-reactions into sexual desire (This one's really cool!)

  • What does romance really mean to a woman and how you can effortlessly become a romantic (It'll finally make sense after you read this.)

  • Two simple, effortless things you can do the next time you eat out with your wife that will get you sex when you get home (At first, you'll laugh when you see that it really works.  Then, you'll cry when you realize how much sex you've missed out on because you didn't know this.)

  • What to do that makes your wife want to give you special treatment

  • Why your wife gets mad at you and you don’t even understand why she’s mad

  • When you give her this secret, she can't help but want to give you more sex

  • The advice your Mom gave you -- that you probably don't remember -- on how to handle your wife

  • Another reason your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you right now and how to easily fix it

  • The kind of relationship that equals a lot of intercourse for you

  • What’s behind her emotions and how to channel them into lots of love and sex

Friend, this eBook is jam-packed with everything you need to TURN YOUR MARRIAGE AROUND AND FIRE UP YOUR SEX-LIFE right now.

Now, let's do some comparisons...

How This Is Better Than Everything Else That's Out There...

For the person whose marriage and sex-life isn't everything they want it to be, there are three common responses:

  1. Seek out a counselor / therapist

  2. Find some self-help books

  3. Do nothing and hope it gets better

Just so you can determine that this is right for you, allow me to quickly compare and contrast these options to the eBook I'm offering you here today.

The "Counselor / Therapist" Solution...

I went down this road during my first marriage (remember the one that failed?), and I have to tell you, it's a very frustrating and expensive road.  If you've been down this road yourself, you'll quickly concur with my experiences.  If you haven't, let me give you a taste of what these counselors and therapists want to feed you:

  • You are trying too hard. (As if trying just a little or maybe even not at all is the solution.  I mean, come on, what is a man supposed to do with a statement like this?  All I can say to this one is... Stupid!!!)

  • You are chasing her and crowding her.   You just need to back off and not act so interested in her. (This is not only dumb, it's plain wrong. Every single woman on the face of the earth who can fog a mirror wants to feel wanted and chased.)

  • Here are some anger techniques you can use to help you deal with the anger and frustration you feel (duh! Who doesn't feel frustrated and angry when their needs aren't getting met?)

  • Limit yourself to two 15-minute "embraces" per day and after several weeks of this, you can "graduate" to one embrace per week where you are both naked. (Oh yes! This one's really going to meet your needs... Not! Where do these people come up with this stuff?)

  • Just forget about sex for the next 3 - 6 months and only focus on being "loving" towards your wife.  (Evidently, their textbooks forgot to tell them that 3 - 6 months more of no sex and you'll be insane.)

  • You need to "romance" your wife (We already knew that - but have you found anyone who can tell you what it really means to romance a woman in words that mean something to a man? By the way, romance doesn't mean flowers and dinner like everyone likes to tell you.)

Now, I'm not all down on experts. There are places in society where they are invaluable. For example, hospitals have experts who save lives every day. Thank goodness we have these experts.

But let me ask you, what does it take to become an expert? Well, the obvious answer is years and years of training. Lot's and lots of reading and studying. The ability to pass all of the tests and exams and certifications. After all of this, one becomes an "expert".

Here is another way to look at what an expert is...

Someone who is so introverted that they can spend years with their head buried in a book.

Someone who doesn't have a relationship of their own because of the time and commitment required to become an expert.

Someone with a whole lot of head and book knowledge and little to no real-world experience.

Just ask yourself, how many PHD-types do you know that are truly successful when it comes to relationships?

I'm betting you don't know any. By the same token, I'm betting you either know of or have heard of counselors, therapists and other experts whose own personal lives are a wreck.

You do what you feel is best for you. But speaking from personal experience, the hours and hours that I spent with these "experts" did nothing but cost me a lot of money and make me even more angry and resentful.

So again, there is a place for "experts" but I personally haven't found it to be in the area of relationships and getting all of the sex you want.

The "Self-Help Book" Solution...

This one is easy.  Take a drive down to your local bookstore and walk over to the "Marriage / Relationships / Sex" section.

  1. Bookstore: Notice how most of the books are written by women - which is great - except women don't speak in a man's language.

  2. This eBook: In contrast, this eBook is written using language that will mean something to men - language that they will be able to connect with and understand.

  3. Bookstore: Notice how most of the books on the shelf want to tell you about better sex, sexual techniques, or alternate sex positions - and that's all cool - if you have a woman who's at home waiting for you to come have sex with her.  If you don't happen to have such a woman, then 365 new sex positions or techniques probably has little value to you.

  4. Bookstore: Flip through some of the pages of the books on the shelf and note how they "presuppose" that your woman is at home naked, impatiently waiting for you to get home and jump on her.

  5. This eBook: In contrast, this eBook shows a husband how to start up his wife's sexual desire and sexual interest - and get her interested in having sex with him.

  6. Bookstore: Notice all the fantastic photography contained in the books on the shelf - the great pictures of women who are apparently ALREADY open and receptive to the sexual advances of the man in the picture...

  7. This eBook: In contrast, this eBook shows a man how to turn his non-receptive wife into a sexually-receptive wife.

Without a doubt, bookstores sell a lot of sex-help books.  Why?  It's because men seem to forever be convinced that IF they can just learn that ONE new sexual technique...

That one they don't yet know about...

Then, they'll be able to create so much "pleasure" in their wife that the pleasure will override whatever's "WRONG" with her and she'll just want to have more sex...

But, since you're here, I'm sure you've already figured out that IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY FOR WOMEN!!!

It might work that way for MEN who are thinking with their "little head" but a woman doesn't have such a "head" to think in "that" way...

And so, the wife continues to become more and more non-sexual and the man has more and more books stacking up...all which have done NOTHING to help him start his wife's sexual motor.

The "Do Nothing" Solution...

Now, I'll grant you there are some things in life that are better left alone so they can work themselves out.  There are some things that if you just let them "set for a while", everything will work out ok.

However, that IS NOT the case when it comes to relationships.  It's not the case because the longer you do nothing, the wider the gap becomes between the man and the woman.  And, the wider the gap becomes, the greater the chance for an affair or a divorce.

I'll leave how you feel about your wife having an affair up to you but a statistic I recently read claimed that three out of every five divorced men end up filing bankruptcy.  If that's even close to being true, wouldn't you agree that's a pretty hefty price tag for doing nothing?

Take a look at your current situation.  Look at how much time has already passed by and where your relationship is at right now.  As more time passes by with things going as they are now, how do you see things working out?

And each night, as you head for the bedroom, what's in store for you?  Fulfillment or FRUSTRATION?

Will you do nothing?  Or, have you reached that state where it's time for you to do something, now?

One More Important Reason This Is Right...

This "how to create a happy, sex-filled marriage" formula is purposely packaged up as an eBook (Adobe PDF Format) for YOUR security and privacy...

Originally, I intended to publish this as a physical book but guys repeatedly and firmly told me, "No Way!  Don't do that.  If my wife caught me with this, I'd be busted..."

Well, I don't want you to "get busted" so this formula is packaged up as an eBook so you can keep it tucked away in some private "hidey-hole" on your computer.

Your Wife Wants To Give It To You…

Fellows, I've got to tell you, your wife wants to have sex with you – she just needs you to apply the formula contained in “How To Turn Your Wife Into A Nymphomaniac” so she can give it to you.

On my part, I want you to have the formula that gets you all the sex you want.

But, I can't make you get it.  I can't take the action for you that gets you more sex.

On my end, I took the action for myself and it worked for me. 

On your end, you must take the action for yourself so that this formula can work for you too.

Stop for a moment and take a look deep inside yourself and imagine what it will be like when you've started your woman's sexual motor...

Just think about what's going to happen when you have the full formula at your disposal...

Actually, I already know what's going to happen...  You are going to find yourself having sex with your wife a whole lot more than ever before.

But, you may be a bit skeptical...

Feedback From Others Just Like You…

I'm not sure how well developed they are, but I suspect that at this point, there may be a couple of questions forming in your mind...

  1. Will this really help my marriage?

  2. Can this actually improve my sex life?

Here's proof from people who had these same questions -- people who were previously in the same situation that you are in right now -- that the answer to both questions is ABSOLUTELY YES!!!  As you read through these, begin to get a feeling of just how valuable this is to you.  You may even begin to realize how fortunate it is that you've found this...

Truly, unbelievable, yet pure truth in men language.  there are no words that can express my gratitute towards you. i thank you for being the man my father nor friends could not. i grew up in a single parent home. i was never taught how to love a woman because my mother died when i was twelve.  All i knew was that i wanted love more than anything in the world. Because of your experiences, you have helped to save my marriage to the woman of my dreams.

I haven't finished the book but the answers were in every line. I began acting upon your suggestions. It felt good knowing that a real man doesn't have to live up to the bullshit men are accustomed to. 

Early saturday morning I received your book.  I had to wait 2 hours to download adobe. Finally, I read through the first couple chapters. My answers were everywhere.  I totally understand you. I can tell that you are sincere in trying to help men see the light.

Once my wife woke up that morning, I turned my laptop off and began the new me. You were absolutely right. She was so surprised, a bit apprehensive, but it didn't take long for her to give in.  All day long I used words as my true feelings, however I now know what she needs to here from me. I totally swept her off her feet and the feeling was so amazing.

That same night..............We had THE most amazing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I will finish reading your book and read it over and over again. I vow to not tell anyone, not even my wife how i changed. Its all because of you. I treat the words that you shared with me like wisdom from father to son.

Giving my self some credit, I have been willing to love my wife better. I just didn't know how. I was ready when I searched and landed on your website. I will stay in touch with you and give you updates. I have this feeling that my wife and I are finally on a path to true love. Day one, couldn't have been any better. I do have a nympho wife, i just didn't realize how ignorant and proud I was. Well, my faults are in the past now. I am so happy I had to tell you and I feel lilke I'm rambling on.

Anyway, I will keep in touch. Your wisdom and the guarentee you give don't come close to describing how much you care.

Thank you for learning the hard way. Your past has helped me. And like a good son, I shall listen, take heed, and never question. The truth does set you free.

-- C. Nichols of Kentucky


"AMAZING results from your book!!! I think you just saved my relationship with my wife. My wife and I had the separation papers all drawn up, child support figures calculated out, everything. Mutual affairs, everything. We were just going through final steps.

In an act of SHEER DESPERATION, I ordered your book. I figured that, at the very least, it would be good for laughs. Within 12 hours of reading your book, a miraculous transformation occurred.

My wife was not only *smiling* at me, and verbally defending me, but she was also (without any prompting!) working the treadmill, something she hasn't done in **years**."

-- L. Kimbro of Washington.


“First, what a great accomplishment to have written such a common sense and no B.S. approach to helping guys like me out.  You have succeeded in cutting through a lot of politically correct red tape and provide effective advice.  

In reading your book, you could have written the whole thing about me and my situation.  I was so relieved to know that I am not alone and actually must be such a cliche as you nailed all of my shortcomings with my marriage.  

You should know that I am a very skeptical businessman (CEO of a $30mm business)  and don't normally accept outside advice to things that I "should know how to handle myself."  

Again, great product.  As a marketing professional my advice to you would be to re-brand with a less controversial sounding title and dumb down the sex part even though that is the entire point.  This could be NYTimes best seller material with some creative editing!”

-- W Smith of New York


“A couple of months ago, I discovered that my wife was on the verge of having an affair.    I confronted her about it and of course we had a big argument.  But, I didn’t want to let her go. 

Right after this unpleasant event, I came across your website and bought your book.  I read it the first night and I tell you, it really woke me up. 

I took your advice and have been applying it in our marriage.  The sex is a lot better and my wife wants it to be more frequent.” 

-- John E. of Minnesota


The book is great. I have learned a lot. It has actually been a big help thus far. I plan to read it at least three times so it can really sink in. My marriage was really on the rocks 2 weeks ago, and now it is starting to look a lot better thank you. It has been the best 25 bucks I've ever spent.

-- Ron Y. of Michigan


The underlying message of this book was absolutely spot on. I tried several of the techniques suggested, and I couldn't believe it, they worked right away! 

The improvements in our relationship has increased tenfold, and this book had a lot to do with it. Only thing is, I need to read it several more times , or at least once a month as a refresher.

-- Name withheld by request


The wife book is a must read for every couple that wants a happy fulfilling relationship after marriage. 

We live in all kinds of environments growing up and most are lacking in how to meet the needs of our spouse. 

This book truly points out the secrets to having an awesome relationship in under-fire situations or the every day common things of life. 

No matter where the relationship may be at the present you can use these secrets to automatically start the effect you have been yearning for.

I'm sure it's a puzzle to a boyfriend who could do no wrong to find himself in a sexless, unhappy, unfriendly marriage.  I have no doubt that he would like to know what went wrong!!!

Read it!!! It won’t take to long to put the pieces together. 

From a women’s point of view:  If read and applied you will be amazed at the return of sex and happiness in your relationship you both have always wanted and needed. It works like magic!!! They truly are words with a magical effect."

 -- Mrs. Lynn M.


“I have to be honest and say I was a little put off by the name of your website but because of my situation I went ahead and took a gamble.  Now, I’m so glad I did.

I thought you would give me answers on how to "fix" her.  Instead you gave me insights on how I broke things.  I never considered this as a possibility. I have been successful in college, in work, and just about every other aspect of my life and never realized how much I had neglected my wife's needs.  I was thinking like a "guy," working for the future. 

You helped me see my wife's needs for a daily relationship were sacrificed, which prevented her from being there for my needs.  My eyes are now open and with a few adjustments I've made she is more receptive and affectionate. 

Thanks so much."

-- R. Williams of California


"This book will transform you into a better husband and lover.  If you have doubts about your marriage and want to save it, you owe it to yourself to get it."

-- R. of New York.


"After another sleepless night spent trying to figure out what I could do to help reignite my marriage and restore even a little passion, I happened upon your website. If there was an approach that could be tried, I was starting to become convinced that I had tried it. I had gotten to the point that I was convincing MYSELF that I was a boring and weak man - despite having a happy marriage (albeit one where I wasn't getting lucky as much as I wanted), successful business and a strong network of family and friends. So, I started reading your, I am back to firing on all cylinders (double entendre intended). Thank you." 

-- Tim L. of Minnesota


"Thanks so much for your writing. Just happen to come across it on the internet.  I'm an "X" wife that will remain so until I get with a man that gets what you are talking about here. Very, very good...and you are on point with the mind and emotions of a woman. Thanks and God Bless."

-- Angella.


"This E-Book is all i needed, its awesome. Thank you."

-- J. Tucker of Georgia.


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How Much Is A Hot, Sex-Filled Marriage Worth To You?

What would it cost you if you and your wife were to go to a marriage counseling session?

It's not uncommon for counseling rates to run between $90 and $120 per hour. How many sessions would you need before you were able to derive benefit and value from the counseling?

Let's say it took 5 sessions and let's go with the low-end rate of $90 -- that's $450 just to try to get some help in your marriage.

But let me ask you; how appealing is it to you to let other people nose into your personal life?

These therapists and counselors judge you for all of your mistakes.  They look down their noses at you like you are some piece of TRASH!  They lord it over you like they are superior to you and you are some inferior waste of human flesh that the world would be better off without.

Not only that, but you've got to take time off from your job or business -- and of course they'll want to know where you're going.

If all that appeals to you, then maybe counseling is the right path for you.

If you prefer to retain your dignity and privacy, then you'll be happy to know that the eBook "How To Turn Your Wife Into A Nymphomaniac" is only $27.00.

Is turbo-charging YOUR sex-life worth a measly $27.00?

Do you view yourself and what you want as worth $27.00?


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If Your Wife Ends Up With Another Man...

If you are a man and you are reading this, I'm going to lay it out like this.  If your wife ever cheats on you or ends up having a long-term affair with another man, it will be for the simple reason that the other man USED all or part of the formula I reveal in this eBook on your woman.

Stop!  What if your wife cheated on you?  What consequences would there be?  What would the fall-out be?  How embarrassed would you feel knowing that your acquaintances think you weren't able to satisfy your woman?

As you're thinking about those consequences and that embarrassment, I can tell you from experience that when a man uses this formula on a woman, it starts her sexual motor and sooner or later, she'll be "off to the races".  The question is, whose "race" will it be -- yours or someone else's?

The good news is that if you are the one using this formula on your wife, you'll never have to worry about your wife being off with someone else because she'll be directing all of her passion onto you.

I don't want it to be another man who fires up your woman's passion.  I want it to be you. 

The question is, do you now choose to be the one who fires up your lady?  I hope you say "yes" and click this button, Now:


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Plus, you have a full 30 days to decide.

I am willing to extend this kind of a guarantee because I know you are going to be very happy with your investment in terms of what it does for your sex-life and your marriage.

If this book is everything I've said it is, you will win. If it's not, then you can easily get your money back. Again, you you can only win in this deal.

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As an aside, I'm certain that you could eventually figure out all these secrets about women just like I did.  You might even figure it out a few years faster than I did.  Or, it might take you longer.  I'm not sure.

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If You're Still Not Sure...

Hey, I realize that there are some things you want to know before you buy...I realize you want to know that:

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There may even be some other things that you want to know before you buy.

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If You're One Of Those Who Is Ultra-Skeptical...I'll Give You The First 25 Pages For FREE...

If you still aren't quite sure and you want a little more assurance before you commit to getting the eBook, you can get the first 25 pages of the the eBook along with a subscription to my Men's Interest Newsletter for FREE.

Here's what you will discover in the first 25 pages:

  • How do you as the man decide what quantity and quality of sex you want to enjoy in your marriage? (the answer awaits you on page 6)

  • What trait does every horny wife possess – that your wife doesn’t have right now – but that you can give her? (you'll find this one on page 8)

  • How is it that other men are killing your sex-life? (go to page 12)

  • Why is it hard for your wife to be sexual with you right now? (you'll find the answer on page 19)

To get the answers to these questions, all you have to do is simply fill out the form below and you will be sent the first 25 pages - it's that easy!


We fully understand that your marriage and sex-life is a sensitive, personal, and private thing.  Your information will never, ever be shared, given, traded, or sold to anyone else.

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PS: In the case of most people, if they were to be given a diamond mine, it would in effect be worthless to them. Why? Because they don't know how to mine out the diamonds nor do they know the process of how to convert rough stones into polished diamonds that are valuable. In a similar vein, the odds are extremely high that you are married to a woman who is a MOTHER-LOAD of SEX. Get "How To Turn Your Wife Into A Nymphomaniac" and learn how to mine all of that sex out of her and process it into a happy and fulfilling marriage for both of you.

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